Machine Learning Engine

Kiri provides you with a machine learning engine that makes using language models easy, accessible and scalable. Check out our dashboard and let's find a solution that solves your practical, real-world problems:

  • Try out models in the Sandbox to find the perfect model for your task
  • (Coming soon) Upload your own models and make them accessible from anywhere
  • (Coming soon) Fine tune state of the art models to your specific task

Access any of these models and make your service production ready, using our optimised inference API for fast and scalable integrations.
Only pay for what you use.

What makes Kiri special?

Until now, using machine learning in any business has been hard due to steep learning curves, long road to deployment, and expensive training and hosting.

All this changes with Kiri and our belief that entrance to practical AI should be easy and simple.

Cost Effective
Scalable pricing that is affordable for all users.
Premium Offerings
Host models privately or train them with our help.