Your information is a single question away.

Often, the knowledge is already there, just misplaced or hard to find. This causes people frustration and lowers the efficiency of your business. With Kiri's semantic search engine, all people have to do is ask. Simply connect our robots with your information and experience the magic.




Response Time



Semantic Search

Kiri uses contextual search to find the most relevant content. Our algorithm understands the meaning behind the queries without having to manually tag anything.


Kiri understands and returns responses in a number of different languages, including [Use geotagging to understand persons location and show their language].

Fast Integration

Kiri connects to your information via an API and learns on the go. This decreases integration time to just hours.

Secure & GDPR compliant

Kiri is committed to delivering a secure and compliant environment with encrypted queries and European-based servers.

Intranet Search Solution

For teams that work with a lot of documents - Kiri makes finding the necessary information more accessible.

Instead of combing through a sea of documents in your company wiki, save your employees' time and keep productivity high by letting them instantly find the information they're looking for.

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Site Search Solution.

For customers to find accurate articles on your websites - Kiri understands the meaning behind queries.

With Kiri, you don't have to manually tweak the search engine ranking, run A/B tests or write synonym sets for the content on your website. Instead, implement a search engine that understands the meaning behind queries and gives the exact answer people were looking for.

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