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At Kiri, we are building enterprise search solutions using semantic algorithms.

This means that we are using trained models to understand the meaning behind the queries without any manual tagging - in 15 different languages. This way, we are helping organisations of all sizes to make their knowledge more easily findable, across intranets and websites.

Kiri connects to your information via an API and learns on the go. We can thus decrease the integration time to just hours, while reducing the effort from your side to the minimum. No need to manually tweak the search engine ranking, run A/B tests or write synonym sets for the content.

Meanwhile, we know how important security, reliability and compliance are for organisations around the world. Notably, when dealing with the most precious resource of any company - its data. Thus, all data within Kiri is encrypted, so that even our team cannot access it. Meanwhile, we store everything within European servers that have SLA 99.9% and are fully GDPR compliant.

In all this, we believe in giving our clients a full-service solution which is fully hosted by us. Once you decide to use Kiri, we will be taking care of the rest - integration, content crawling, data monitoring and in-time tips shared with your team. We'll always guide you and help you reach your goals.

Kiri is an enterprise search solution done right.

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