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Why our Intranet Search?

Often, knowledge is already there, just misplaced or hard to find. This causes employees to spend up to 30% of their work time searching and analysing documents for relevant information.

With Kiri, this can be reduced to mere seconds and eliminate time-waste with a semantic engine that understand the meaning behind every query. No need to remember the exact keywords used - describe it in simple terms, and our robots will find it.

Get deeper insights.

Kiri's analytics platform gives you an overview of what is going on in the organisation internally. Look into which searches are trending internally, what is being found, and what's missing.

Empower your leaders to analyse and prevent potential risks before they actualise.


Kiri understands and returns responses in 15 different languages. Contact us to integrate yours.

Fast Integration

Kiri connects to your information via an API and learns on the go. This decreases integration time to just hours.

Role-Based Access Control

Kiri understands who needs access to what content. Manage user permissions within Kiri or via our integration with Active Directory.

Secure, Reliable and Compliant

All data within Kiri is encrypted, so that even our team cannot access it. Meanwhile, we store everything within European servers that have SLA 99.9% and are fully GDPR compliant.