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Why our Site Search?

Often, information is already there, just misplaced or hard to find. This causes your visitors unessecary stress when looking for answers and reduces your conversions.

With Kiri, you can fix your on-site search and eliminate time-waste with a semantic engine that understand the meaning behind every query. No need to manually tweak the search engine ranking, run A/B tests or write synonym sets for the content on your website. Instead, focus on generating high-quality content, and our semantic engine will deliver the relevant answers, regardless of how people search for them.

Get Deeper Insights.

Kiri's analytics platform gives you an overview of what your customers are looking for on your website. Look into which searches are trending internally, what is being found, and what's missing.

Empower your marketing teams to capitalize on opportunities before they present themselves, and allow your customer service teams to identify and prevent potential risks before they actualise.

Free up your teams for the queries that really matter. Let Kiri handle the rest.


Kiri understands and returns responses in 15 different languages. Contact us to integrate yours.

Filter specific Content

Kiri gives you the power to filter content based on its type. Instead of just showing everything mixed up in one row, you can categorise content and differentiate the results.

Fast Integration

Kiri connects to your information via an API and learns on the go. This decreases integration time to just hours.

Premium support

Our search experts will help you optimise the site search solution for your company's specific needs. We'll always guide you and help you reach your goals.